The Reclusive Blogger… Interviews
The Reclusive Blogger… Interviews

Episode 8 · 4 months ago

The Reclusive Blogger... Interviews Americana & Punk Artist Nathan Gray & The Iron Roses


And, We're back! Welcome to season two of The Reclusive Blogger… Interviews! The offshoot interview podcast of the publication of the same name. I'm your host, editor, and creator, Brittney and I hope you find season two filled with more amazing creatives and in-depth interviews. On our first episode back I sat down to chat with Folk Punk artist Nathan Gray & The Iron Roses at the end of December of last year. He was in full promo mode for his new project Nathan Gray & The Iron Roses for their new album titled "Rebel Songs" which was produced by Brian McTernan and features from Rise Against's Tim McIlrath and Frank Turner.  We also discussed his upcoming tour set for February, being a musician during pandemic times, also what it's like having artists such as Tim Mc Illrath and Frank Turner in your corner, and so much more. Like always, thanks for listening and subscribing. Let's have some fun and, get to know some cool creatives!  Stream "Rebel Songs" by Nathan Gray & The Iron Roses by clicking here.

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